Monday, September 18, 2006

Seven Days Not Enough!

Today, I took a vacation. I need it. I don't have time to take a rest, so I decided to take a vacation. For seven days I work. Monday till Friday fix my project at Bogor. Saturday time to teach my STM student, sometime I stolen my time doing other things such as bussines or organization meeting. Sunday I teach too and sometimes meet for NGO partner. Guess what? I even don't have time for my family and my children. My God!!!

So this day I played with my children, Taqiyya. I miss her very much. Sleeping is a nice job to do. I have a nice sleep today. But after that I got phone from university, that offer me another job to do in Tuesday and Thursday. OH God give me the 8th day !!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Harusnya bisa bagus

Gue disuruh si boss nangani pabriknya di Bogor. Banyak produk reject. Nih pabrik baru 6 bulan ke beli. Omzet ketika dibeli mah bagus pisan. Yah namanya perusahaan keluarga (keluarga mafia pulak hehehehe) selalu berantakan. Group inginnya dengan sedikit orang bisa nangani sejumlah jabatan rangkap, tapih kenyataanya kan malah overlapping dan saling lempar, pada boong (termasuk gw kaleeeee... bodo yang penting ABS hihiihi). Di group sendiri juga ga jelas. Yah sekali lagi perusahaan keluarga. Mana tau kali sistem yang bener!. Heeeeeeeemmmmmmmmm susah n pusing, kalau untuk perusahaan kecil gapapa kale kalau manajemen berntakan. Tapi kalau sudah bicara ribuan ton ga mungkin kali ya?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

1st start

This is 16.44 WIB, 22nd of June 2006. The 1st time I begin to write my blog.

When I searched card reader item in Google, suddenly I found my old mate's blog. I found it was interesting to share feelings with friends, even my thesis advisor (hehehe...hello Mr Budi Rahardjo, would you like to give me a little bit scratch too?). Actually I have already had a blog in yahoo for trial. But I think how happy if you found your mate and shared all old memories with them via blog!!!.

Beside that, I think it will be a digital manuscript for my generations; they will see what I 've done in the past, feel my younger spirit (am I still young??? I think I am hehehhe), my aim, take the good ones and let them out the bad things. So I give my blog's title ' digital scratch 4 generations'.

I hope I also have an exercise to write in english version (please let me know, if I have made a mistake in grammar ;)). Now, lets go blog!; from PAU with love.......